In the beginning...

Teas with Purpose was created out of a need to protect my family from the pandemic in 2020. I asked God, "How can I protect my family?" He replied, "everything you need, I have already provided for you in the earth realm." So, my research began and I found a whole new world that I didn't even realize existed. A world of Herbalism full of plant medicines!

In the beginning of my study of herbs, both of my parents who are in their 60s with preexisting conditions, contracted the deadly virus. The doctors instructed  them to quarantine and call back WHEN their symptoms worsened so they could be admitted to the hospital. After about 48 hours of their diagnosis, I had my first herb - Elderberry. I began making elderberry immunity shots as well as elderberry tea. It was amazing to see my parents heal right before my eyes. The coughing, the fever, the weakness, the confusion all was diminishing daily after starting a strict regimen of elderberry, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, and lemon. After 2 weeks of a strict regiment, they began to feel better. No hospitalization needed!

As I continued studying, taking classes, and reading books I was amazed, hooked, and committed to helping everyone I knew that was struggling with any type of illness starting with myself and those closet to me.  In addition to my mother and father using our products on a regular basis, so does my husband, our children, and myself. Mullein is the best lung detox around! My husband and I drink Mullein Healing Tea  to reduce our severe asthmatic symptoms. It has worked wonders for us! We can attest to the fact that we have had fewer asthma symptoms which means fewer times we need to use the asthma pump, and less money spent on asthma pumps! My husband is an essential worker. He works in the medical field and his colleagues have often questioned him as to how he hasn’t been sick at all since the pandemic began. His response “Teas with Purpose!” Our children have had less colds and when they are sick, the symptoms are minimal. Thank you, TwP!

Since becoming an herbalist, I have received so much confirmation that being a conduit of healing is both my passion and my purpose and Teas with Purpose is a manifestation of that belief. People are being healed from our products!  It is such a blessing to have so many customers tell us how grateful they are to have something that helps them feel better and live better!

One of our goals is to merge the mindset of the herbalist and the medical professional. As an herbalist, both the medical professional and I have the same goal – to heal, we just have different methods. Conventional medicine has its place and so do herbs. We're working towards our goal by having an LPN on our team that we can consult with whenever TwP is learning a new herb, when we need to know the possible interactions with a conventional medication or when we just have a question in general. This working relationship has been amazing and our customers have appreciated the collaboration! Teas with purpose is not just a business. We are literally walking out our purpose and we could not be happier about our future!