We offer ready made teas, tea bags, capsules, tinctures, glycerites and more!

Our products are caffeine free, gluten free & vegan

*Herbal Ready-Made Teas ONLY contain Water, Herb, Lemon, and Agave

*Elderberry *Mullein *Soursop *Peppermint

*Tea Bags contain 100% dried herb

-Dandelion Root -Elderberry -Elderflower -Mullein

-Peppermint -Nettle -Lavender -Chamomile

*Herbal Capsules can help treat chronic conditions while boosting immunity; Our capsules contain 100% powdered herb

-Sea moss -Eyebright -Gingko Biloba -Stinging Nettle -Thunder God Vine

*Herbal Tinctures & Glycerites are highly concentrated herbal extracts that can be added to any beverage or absorbed under the tongue; Tinctures are infused with alcohol; Glycerites are non-alcohol

-Valerian -Motherwort -Echinacea -Hawthorn Berries

-Burdock Root -Goldenrod -Mullein -Elderberry


-Herbal Infused Raw Honey’s: high in vitamin C; great for preventative or responsive care; great for sore throats & coughs

-Elderberry Syrup For preventative care: adults take 1 tablespoon a day; children take 1 teaspoon a day

If sick: adults take up to 4 tablespoons a day; children take up to 4 teaspoons a day

-Mullein Garlic Ear Oil: is successful in reducing inflammation, softening earwax, stimulating circulation in the ear, eased irritation and pain in the ear

-Calendula Salve: great for dry skin, rashes, bug bites, scrapes, scars, burns, eczema and more!

-Calendula Lip Balm: rich in man vitamins and minerals, helps heal dry skin, wind chapped lips and sunburned lips; also helps prevent these ailments

-Salt Foot Detox: reduces inflammation easing pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and gout, balances body’s pH, reduces swelling, improves heart health, relieves stress and more!

-Bath Teas – using Herbal tea in your water infuses your bathwater with antioxidants while reducing inflammation, helping balance your skin, increase circulation, relax your muscles, and more!

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